"You cannot change the wind, but we can support you to adjust your sails "  

Hearttarget - experts in team and leadership development 

What do we have to offer ?

Leadership development

What skills do you need to develop, and what mindset of yours hold you back from higher performance ?

Hearttarget leadership development programs aim to create insight into what a leader can and should do in order to unlock their full potential. We will support to develop the right leadership skillset, the related attitudes and beliefs that enable to unlock your full potential. 

Team development

Our inspirational team development programs will support to build high performance teams. We take the team on a journey through different stages of development, kick started by personal insights.

One of the tools we use to develop TOP teams is the Theory U, developed by the MIT and used in many multinationals across the globe.

Change management 

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”

Linked to both leader- and team development we support our clients in change management processes. How to embrace new possibilities while stepping out of your comfort zone? We support you to go trough the change-curve

Example of our projects 

Change mgt journey DACH (Germany)

Developed a leadership change management journey for 60 sales leaders in the DACH organisation of a multinational. This journey, the “Star mission”, is visualised with off site ‘landings’ at various planets, each with a special theme: trust, communication, behaviour, mindset e.g. All in order to reach the full (highest!) potential of the team.

Personal Leadership storytelling

We developed the 2018 kickoff program for the top 250 leaders of a company in the automative industry. For this we oa interviewed the leaders of the management team and combined their personal stories in inspirational movies, shown at the kickoff. Aim: to connect, build trust and to get well connected  to the business goals of 2018. As chairman of the day, guided the MT and their leaders through inspirational workshops in order to get all aligned & engaged and ‘on speed’.

Leadership experience - Vlieland 

With the EMEAP HR team of one of our customers we went on a leadership trail in Vlieland, The Netherlands. We took the team trough the U curve: we started with deep listening and connecting to the system: What is my role as an individual? Where do we want to go as team? What does our stakeholder have to say about us? What are our challenges and what behaviour and mindset will empower us to deliver to our commitments? With these insides we set goals for the next 90 days till the end of the year.

State-visit King and Queen of the Belgiums

In Nov ’16  during an interim assignment, we were asked to coordinate the 3rd day of the official State-visit of the King and Queen of the Belgiums to High Tech Campus, Eindhoven. We worked in close cooperation with both the Dutch- as the Belgium Royal Palace and the embassy of Belgium in The Netherlands. As chairman and speaker of the day,  welcomed His Majesty King Phillippe of Belgium. 

Happiness project - sailing in Eindhoven 

If you can make 800 children happy, would you do it ? We made it happen together with t Watersportverbond, High Tech Campus and the Government of Eindhoven. Sailing on the pond of High Tech Campus in Eindhoven! Sports combined with technical challenges for children in a water lab. All at the smartest km2 during the Dutch Technology Week! To be continued next year!

Developed (team)leadership program for multinational

Developed a (team)leadership program for a multinational and implemented such in EMEA. Various teams participate in a multi-year, cross functional program, addressing the teams biggest challenges and their required mindset and behaviour. Business leaders, for a couple of days not in the office, but in inspiring locations across EMEA, are being challenged in order to unlock their full potential and to accelerate and sustain the overall business results with their teams.

Global marketing team challenge - Detroit & New York

How to reach our highest potential? As a person, as a team and as a company? Worked in Detroit and New York with a global marketing team with leaders from various countries in order to accelerate growth in the their market. Worked oa with local partner in NY: Improv Theater. How to suspend judgement? Say ‘yes and’ instead of ‘yes but’ and listen with passion. What are the levers to build trust and how to slow down in order to speed up!

Leadership challenge - SPA-francorchamps (Belgium)

With the sales and factory managers of a multinational we went to Spa Francorchamps (Belgium) to test our individual skills and to challenges our voice of fear. Then we had a ‘pitstop’ with the team where we focussed on the next game changers for the team and set the priorities for the months to come. 

Cultural merge of two companies

How to work better together after a merge of two companies ? How to align goals and get a better understanding of the different business cultures?
How are we in the race, as a person and as a team? What is getting in our way which we have to solve first ?
We facilitated the journey through the change curve in order to build trust and common understanding after which goals & responsibilities could be set and results could kick-in. 

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