Leadership experience – Vlieland

With the EMEAP HR team of one of our customers we went on a leadership trail in Vlieland, The Netherlands. We took the team trough the U curve: we started with deep listening and connecting to the system: What is my role as an individual? Where do we want to go as team? What does our stakeholder have to say about us? What are our challenges and what behaviour and mindset will empower us to deliver to our commitments? With these insides we set goals for the next 90 days till the end of the year.

What was the challenge?

How can we optimally work together as a team, knowing that we are individuals working from different places in Europe? How do we deal with cultural differences? How can we best provide our internal customer with our services and what is the effect of what we do on our endcustomers?

We took the team on an expedition. Not to a luxury resort but to the sea, beach, dunes. Outdoor. Taking on the challenge together at sea. A confrontation with our doubts and fears, our limitations in order to gain deep insight into what we can do differently, better and more, but also what we must continue to do in order to have success and enjoyment, both as individuals and as a team.

Setting our goals. Clear and actionable. To do together what we are good at and to become even better so that we can achieve our goals and ultimately make our customers happy. We go for it !

What they think of hearttarget

Outdoor experiance Vlieland – The Netherlands