Personal Leadership storytelling

We developed the 2018 kickoff program for the top 250 leaders of a company in the automative industry. For this we oa interviewed the leaders of the management team and combined their personal stories in inspirational movies, shown at the kickoff. Aim: to connect, build trust and to get well connected  to the business goals of 2018. As chairman of the day, guided the MT and their leaders through inspirational workshops in order to get all aligned & engaged and ‘on speed’

What was the challenge?

The CEO and his management team wanted to communicate the strategic course for the coming years clearly and in a refreshing way to their top 250 leaders. But how?

In cooperation with our very professional partner FlameMedia, we followed every member of the MT with a camera at places that are of personal value to them: the CEO during his beloved hobby – on his mountain bike in the forest -, the CHRO – the real football fan in ‘his’ PSV football stadium, the CFO is running the COO during his weekly dive in ice-cold natural water …

An image of the person behind the manager naturally arose. What are their motives? What are the lessons learned from life? What gives them energy to fully commit themselves to the company they work for? Through an almost psychological in-depth interview in combination with the authentic images, an image has been created which gives confidence. Trust in management, the person behind the manager, the vision … Trust to build a great future together!

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