Leadership challenge – SPA-francorchamps (Belgium)

With the sales and factory managers of a multinational we went to Spa Francorchamps (Belgium) to test our individual skills and to challenges our voice of fear. Then we had a ‘pitstop’ with the team where we focussed on the next game changers for the team and set the priorities for the months to come

What was the challenge?

“As a company, we have a clear strategy, goals and priorities. However, the challenge is that we work across national borders. Each country has its own challenges, culture and priorities that must ultimately lead to the achievement of our central business strategy. How can we ensure that we all speak the same language and that we reach our goals faster?”


We have agreed to start a multi-day leadership journey with our client in which we first made sure that everyone got to know each other better (and therefore also understood eachother better). Everyone was able to expand his/her comfort zone by taking on the challenge with themselves, after which we made a parallel with “real life”. What limits us, what motivates us and how do we deal with each other “when things get difficult”? What leadership skills are missing or should we strengthen to achieve our goals. A fun, educational and satisfying process!

Team challenge – Spa (Belgium)