Global marketing team challenge – Detroit & New York

How to reach our highest potential? As a person, as a team and as a company? Worked in Detroit and New York with a global marketing team with leaders from various countries in order to accelerate growth in the their market. Worked oa with local partner in NY: Improv Theater. How to suspend judgement? Say ‘yes and’ instead of ‘yes but’ and listen with passion. What are the levers to build trust and how to slow down in order to speed up!

What was the challenge?

“The main goal of this” Team & Leadership Challenge “is to obtain a different” mindset “, a different way of thinking about the themes that the team and each of us are struggling with. The challenge we have together is to see the future again positively and to adjust our behavior accordingly. By taking the team out of the normal work process and taking the time to think, listen to each other and learn from each other, together we can see each other, our limitations, our challenges in a different perspective. We are so busy every day, managing on a ad-hoc base, that we seem to regard ‘our reality’ as the single truth, while there are so many possibilities and opportunities that we probably no longer see. We need to realize what behavior and mentality supports us and what keeps us from being “our best self” and being successful. Only then can we be successful again and enjoy working together. And as your manager, I would like to achieve that together with you. “

What they think of hearttarget

Team performance challenge – Detroit & New York