Female Tech Heroes conference 2019

Female Tech Heroes is a new initiative in the Brainport region dedicated to women working in technology. High Tech Campus Eindhoven: ‘We want to inspire women in tech, but also women who are curious about tech’.

Why Female Tech Heroes?
Organisers Ingelou Stol & Hilde de Vocht: ‘At present, the percentage of women working in tech worldwide is still relatively low. ‘We work in an environment heavily dominated by men, and we need more women. Diversity is the key to success.’

During this international event with 600 woman in TECh, Hearttarget was asked to give an inspirational workshop: Unleash the power within: one life, live it!

Do you sometimes feel that there are so much more things that you would like to do, but something is holding you back? Please know that you are not alone ! But what to do to create a happier, more fulfilling life full of energy? Let’s start an interactive journey to discover what influences our professional and lifestyle choices and unlock more of your inborn potential!


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“Unleash the power within – One life, live it!”