Developed (team)leadership program for multinational

Developed a (team)leadership program for a multinational and implemented such in EMEA. Various teams participate in a multi-year, cross functional program, addressing the teams biggest challenges and their required mindset and behaviour. Business leaders, for a couple of days not in the office, but in inspiring locations across EMEA, are being challenged in order to unlock their full potential and to accelerate and sustain the overall business results with their teams.

What was the challenge?

How do you get 1,200 people across Europe totaly alligned and on the same track? How can we increase the involvement and drive of our employees and thus also the chances of achieving our goals earlier and in full? How can we ensure that our innovation speed increases and that we can fulfill the wishes of our customers faster and better with mutual pleasure and better cooperation?

In short, quite a job AND a challenge that we fully embrace! After listening carefully, we started withthe European management team. We took them out of their familiar environment for two days in order to hear what is going on in the organization and to hear how things are going within the MT. How is the collaboration? Who are we and what are the (mutual) challenges? What are the issues that are never discussed but that restrict us from achieving our goals? Why do we do the things we do, how we do them and what can be done differently, better, faster, nicer …….

A start of an intensive journey through many countries with the various functional teams such as HR, Finance, Operations, Marketing, R&D and cross functional. In a clear rhythm: 2 days ‘kick-off‘ and quarterly follow-up sessions with in-between discussions with the team leader and colleagues. Interviews with all stakeholders, clear agreements, actions, and … a lot of enthusiasm and a good result. Nice to be allowed to work with all these teams!

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