Our Global Work

We serve a wide range of (multinational) clients across EMEA & NAM with a growing network of facilitators, consultants, change professionals, (visual)artist and behavioural experts. 

We operate out of High Tech Campus, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, a High Tech ecosystem known as “The smartest KM2” .

For each assignment we challenge our network and we create a dedicated team of professionals ready to serve our clients needs. While operating in a such a network, we are able to establish our own high performance teams working locally (when needed in local language) or remotely. We empower each-other in order to empower our clients.


We aim to challenge ourselves to the max in order to support our clients in their business challenges. 

We believe that we only can unlock our full potential and serve our clients the best when we stay close to our passion and dedication.  

Hearttarget: "Follow your heart and you will reach your goal”  is our motto.


Our values are central to being a professional service provider and part of an international community of highly skilled specialist. Our values express how we work and what we have to offer. We respect our values in all what we do and we respect the values of our clients and partners.

- We always act in true openness & honesty; 
- We deliver on our commitment; 
- We act with respect to others, our nature and true wellbeing; 
- We strive to create happiness and impact with all what we do .

Hearttarget - the foundation    

We are a group of skilled professional, working in a network-structure 

Folkert Huysinga 

At the age of 47, Folkert Huysinga, married and father of 4, has a corporate background of over 18 years in global procurement, facility- and real-estate management, M&A & change management services.

Being educated in both the Netherlands and the US and holding a degree in psychotherapy, Folkert now runs Hearttarget. Based in the Netherlands, his company is providing services across EMEA and NAM while working in a network structure of professionals.